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“This won’t hurt a bit”

…Oh Sure

Why did we develop this product?


In our surveys of people who have needed wound care or had stiches or IVs, 4 or 5 out of 10 were not enthused with the disconfort it took to get adhesives off.


The problem, of course, is that everyone wants the bandages to work, but that adhesion strength als o makes the last phase more difficult.


From the service provider’s point of viewm this means it takes longer to do the job and move on to the next patient.


Tackpop easily cuts that time and disconfort in half.

Bandages simply float off

As an ocean and surf lover in Newport Beach, Ca the water and sun took their toll on my skin. It was always a challenge for me to deal with the effects so I developed a waterproof sunblock that focused on staying on in the water. The product generated many letters and compliments, and the experience made Tackpop a better product.

Kevin Nelson

Formula Developer

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